Wednesday 19th September

September 20, 2012

So the trip to the Isle of Skye was stunning. The island was everything we hoped for and more, and the rest and complete break from both music and the internet in general that I managed refuelled the batteries nicely. Somewhere in me I have something to write about the experience of Skye, and in particular how remarkably quiet the place is, easily the nearest I have ever come to a sensation of continual, natural silence. I am letting my thoughts on this stew rather than fire off something emotionally charged straight away. I hope with the new format of the blog to be able to write occasional pieces that relate perhaps more to simple listening and the consideration of associated subjects rather than particular pieces of music, so maybe my thought’s on Skye’s aural tranquility may begin that series.

So I intend to try and separate these little diary-like personal posts from reviews as much as I can as the blog progresses, so this evening will see me post a CD review separately from this little post. I am working on a restructure of how the blog will be laid out, and in future I hope to clearly drawn a line between this kind of self-important drivel and a slightly more professional approach to writing reviews. I plan then to post two longish reviews a week, probably on Wednesdays and Fridays, and then some kind of a round-up of other bits and pieces I have been listening to on Sundays. The kind of personal commentary ¬†you are reading in this post could appear any time, but hopefully not that often, and once the blog’s redesign is complete (hopefully this will be done within a week) it will be easy to tell the different types of post apart and avoid one type of post or the other easily as you so desire.

Before ending this particular waffle however I would very much like to offer my thanks to the six wonderful people that wrote guest posts here while I was away. I’d quite like to continue the “My Favourite Album” theme onwards as an occasional series of guest posts, so if you read the contributions and would like to chip in with your own favourite just drop me a line here.

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