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Friday 20th March. Pt. 1

March 20, 2009

Well it’s just about a quarter past seven in the morning as I start to write this post, from my iPhone on Oxford railway station. I have just got off of the first of three trains today on the way up to Scotland, this first one just being a short connecting journey from Didcot.

If the technology ( that I don’t understand that well but isn’t the iPhone great?!) has worked then you should see a photo just above this paragraph that I took a short while ago through the train window. If it’s not there then sorry the posts over the next few days will look a bit drab and text-heavy!

I’ve been travelling for 55 minutes so far. I know this because when I started out I began playing Mattin’s new Feedback Conceptual release and that’s how much time has passed according to my iPod. The recording is a massive six and a half hours long give or take a few minutes, which is conveniently about the same time this journey is meant to take today.

The first half an hour of music was very nice, dirty, grungey, electronic feedback styled laptop improvisation. It can be hard to forget how good Mattin can be at this kind of thing when he isn’t confounding or annoying us all with conceptual tomfoolery. I was impressed by the use of space and the way he placed sounds in relation to others, with nice contrasts in shape and texture and the odd drop of tonal colour added here and there.

After about half an hour the music was interrupted by what sounded like a telephone discussion (in Spanish) between Mattin and somone else. Not being a Spanish speaker I could only pick out a few words, with “copyleft” and “anti-copyright” appearing a few times. After a minute or so and a very brief, quietly spoken comment overlaid by Mattin the music returned. Over the next half an hour the speech is blended into the music, sometimes layered, looped or treated in a similar way.

More in a couple of hours all being well, but so far I’ve found this piece of music highly enjoyable. A way to go yet though!

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