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Friday 20th March Pt. 2

March 20, 2009

As the train winds it’s way through the veritable splendour of Birmingham’s suburbs the Mattin recording is a little more of a third if the way through. For the last hour or so the music has moved through extended passages of grey cloudy static and sections focussed on the Spanish speech, often layered and warped into hypnotic masses. The audio signal has often switched to mono as well, alternating between ears as I listen on headphones. This element, particularly on the hissing static sections could be quite disorientating as the silent ear then picked up the sounds of the train around me much clearer. At one point a twenty-odd minute long section of hiss was suddenly cut off by a brief moment of speech before a slightly different fuzzy tone appeared. Slightly sleepy as I am this interruption startled me and I jumped in my seat, making the woman sat opposite eye me slightly suspiciously. As I type the music is in a period of multitracked spoken parts, the foreign words all coalescing into one abstract field of sound. Good stuff.

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