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Friday 20th March Pt. 3

March 20, 2009

I changed trains at Wolverhampton, in the heart of the English midlands during the half hour I spent there awaiting the last train of my journey Mattin’s epic work had progressed into a drilling, quite brutal digital noise that changed very little except get louder and more intense. This section was very ugly and it was quite fitting that it came to me while in Wolves. After quite a long while (maybe an hour? It’s hard to keep track) this fell away and the speech reappeared, this time submerged in a maelstrom of buffetting noise.

Then after a while the music almost completely disappeared, just quite flutters remaining. Now though, and for about the last half an hour there seems to be complete silence. The iPod still seems to be playing. Maybe the download has failed? Maybe there is meant to be silence? Hmmm…

By the way we just passed some fitting graffiti in Wigan. “make a real difference – buy nothing!” I’m sure Mattin would approve. We passed too quickly to grab a photo sadly.

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