Absence makes the heart grow fonder

March 13, 2013

And the pile of unwritten about CDs grow taller. Apologies for yet another bout of inactivity here. Those that know me personally will know that my day job has been pretty demanding this year, and will continue to do so for a little while longer yet, and this, coupled with quite a bit of writing for The Wire over the last couple of weeks, some time spent away in Wales resting and some focussed work restarting my Cathnor CD label and its new website has kept my time able to write here pretty scarce. Hopefully now I can get a regular rhythm going again though, and this post is followed below with the first review for a couple of weeks.

While I am here spouting drivel there is time for a few plugs of work by friends. Bore is the title of a very lovely new publication focussed on text based musical scores. The first issue, available to purchase here contains some never before published work by the late James Tenney. Bore’s publishers are David Stent and Sarah Hughes, and the latter half of that pairing also appears in a concert on Saturday night in London alongside Kostis Kilymis in their Good Life duo. The bill also involves the excellent Tim Parkinson playing piano and the feedback and electronics pairing of Daichi Yoshikawa and Tom Mudd. Details here, though in case you have to be facebook user to view that link, the concert is at Deptford Town Hall, just across New Cross Gate station, London, starting at 7.

A couple of other plugs- for a rare glimpse of John Butcher’s excellent, but long sold out solo cassette release Trace from 2010. The music can be streamed (alas, not downloaded) from The Wire’s website here. I have a couple of solo releases from John sat here awaiting my attention now, but I wish I had a copy of this release I could also play on the stereo. This stream is really nice to hear, so don’t miss it, but it just makes me yearn for a re-release of the album. Still, mentioning it also gives me the excuse to swipe the above superb photo of Butcher from The Wire’s website. Then the newest batch of releases by the Another Timbre label, due any day, include an album by the combined forces of the groups Chip Shop Music and Atolon, which also features a slightly cheeky sleeve design by yours truly. By it for the music though, as its a fine piece of work.

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