By way of an apology…

November 5, 2013

Its been the best part of three months I think since I lasted posted a review here. I am pleased to report that tonight I will post a new one, and hopefully now I will be able to maintain a routine of two or three new reviews a week. This enforced hiatus was unexpected, but I guess looking back, somewhat inevitable. Without boring you all yet again with dreary tales of how hectic my life gets, I basically spent much of the late summer working sixty hours weeks in my day job, and just didn’t have the mental energy required to try and write anything of value here. What creative energies I did have were channeled into writing for the Wire magazine, where I have been contributing the Jazz and Improv column on a bi-monthly basis alongside a sprinkling of other reviews. Over the last few months while there has been silence here I have turned out around thirty CD reviews for the magazine, many of which have been in capsule form, but it has kept my ear in. Writing about jazz has been an intriguing, challenging but also very rewarding experience as well. I will one of these days get a list together of everything I write for the magazine. Don’t hold your breath though…

Taking this break from writing has meant that there is a lot of music here that I have barely listened to, or in many cases, have yet to even break out of the cellophane wrapper. While something inside me badly wants to expend every spare second I get listening to every second of it all and writing something, if not very much about every thing I have been sent, realistically this just isn’t going to happen. So, the best thing to do I think is apologise profusely to everyone that has sent me something over recent months that I just am not going to be able to write about. The best thing to do is clear the decks here and start afresh, if only for my own sanity. I go out of my way, as I always have, to buy as much music as I can, and I will continue to do this, but where anyone has been kind enough to send me ┬ápromo copies of their work, and where I have subsequently not written about it, either here or for The Wire, please accept my humblest apologies. Where I know I have let particular people down, and where I am able, I will ensure I buy further CDs from you to make up for what I have received for free. As I seem to remember writing here before, probably more than once, life gets in the way sometimes. Hopefully from here I can get back to some degree of regularity anyway. Thanks.

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