September 6, 2008


UtterPsalm by John Wall
Just Outside by Brian Olewnick
Crow with no mouth by Jesse Goin
Ideas attached to objects Patrick Farmer
Sarah Hughes Portfolio blog
Cor Fuhler by er, Cor Fuhler
A Spiral Cage by Robert Kirkpatrick
Classical Drone by Caleb Dupree
Night after night by Steve Smith
Force of Circumstance by Dominic Lash
In place by Jez Riley French
Another way to remember things by Benedict Drew
What is the word by JK Brogan
Object Collection New York collective
Attic Plan by Jon Dale
Stain on silence by Doug Farrand
A Doubtful Egg by Jonathan Doubtful Egg

Non-Music Blogs
Commuted to Life a now dead, but still very funny blog by Alastair Wilson.
The Six O’Clock Swill A blog about Australian beer by Alastair Wilson
Warming Up by Richard Herring