Richard Pinnell is a grumpy old Englishman. He owns ten times as much music as he has time to listen to, but for some strange reason this doesn’t stop him acquiring more. Although not a musician, he undertakes various roles within the improvised and experimental music world, managing to do most of them to a reasonable standard of incompetence. He writes about music here, at occasional other online sites and in print for The Wire magazine. This blog is designed to gather all of these strands together into one easily avoidable place. The Watchful Ear is the natural successor to Learning to listen, his previous blog. In January 2009 Richard made the slightly lunatic decision to post here every day, a practice he maintained for more than three years until common sense finally prevailed. He currently writes three posts here a week, sometimes more. Despite all of this writing it is rare that he does any of it in the third person.
When not involved with music or working his backside off in his dayjob Richard is quite happy on a quiet night in with his long-suffering partner Julie, quite a lot of cheese and either a large single malt or a badly selected white wine.