September 30, 2012

In an ideal world, I would listen carefully, and then write about everything I am sent. Sadly, because I am at work in my day job about fifty hours a week, I barely have the time to open all the jiffy bags and download all the files. However, I welcome submissions from everyone that makes music similar to that which I write about in these pages, and I try and make educated decisions about which music to spend time with. The policy here is to try and write about music by unknown names as well as established musicians. Part of the joy of writing a blog like this one is in the new discoveries that find their way to me. I still buy a fair amount of the music I write about here, but sometimes its the little things that turn up unexpectedly that make all the difference.

All physical formats are accepted, CD, vinyl, cassette, minidisc… You are also welcome to come around and play in the back garden under my window if you haven’t released anything yet. Download links are also gratefully received, but I do prefer to listen to lossless, or otherwise good quality files whenever possible. Sadly I am unlikely to review your music if you just send me a YouTube link, as has happened in the past.

I unfortunately cannot write about everything I receive these days, but I certainly make an attempt to listen to every physical object I am sent, and will continue to do the best I can with all of the download links I receive. I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank everyone that has sent something for review in the past, and who will in the future, and I apologise to everyone that has sent something that I have not been able to write about. One thing I can guarantee is that I have never, and never will, sell anything on that is sent to me free to review.

To get in touch and to obtain my mailing address drop me a line via the Contact page here.


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