Caveat Emptor

May 7, 2014

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[dropcap style=”box”]T[/dropcap]ired of adding this same note to multiple reviews, I figured it would be useful to add a page noting come common caveats that should be applied to my writing here. The area of music that generally speaking features at this blog is something of a niche little corner. A CD that sells particularly well in this area is likely to reach no more than three or four hundred sales. I have spent a couple of decades following such a microscopic and yet also very close and mutually supportive musical community very closely. I run a CD label in this area, and naturally, over the years I have made a lot of friends directly involved with the music. This is inevitable. If you attend a lot of concerts with small audiences you get to know the other faces around you, and the person on the next seat is just as likely to be on the stage next week.

So many of the people who make the music I write about here are friends. As well as this, some of them have CD releases on my label, or I could have been involved in some other way with their musical activities. In short, if this page has been linked to from a review then to some degree or another I have a connection to the musicians, the music, or the label it was released on that warrants mentioning. I go out of my way at all times to write as objectively about anything I review as I can manage. I would argue that if I know a musician well enough to call them a friend, or even a close friend, then I may well put their music under an even harsher microscope than if I did not know them at all, but who knows, perhaps my friendship with someone might blinker my opinion in some way. This is never intentional, and while I accept and wish to make publicly clear any biases I may have, I want to state that I try my best to ensure that they don’t obscure my honest opinion on whatever I write about. It is always my policy to be upfront and honest on such matters however, so as they say, caveat emptor, buyer beware…


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