CD Reviews

Wednesday 24th February

February 24, 2010

This evening I have been listening (and watching) a new disc named Broken Tree by one of the musicians I saw live on Monday, Paul Abbott, in a duo with Daichi Yoshikawa. I say listening and watching because the disc is a dual format release, containing a twenty-five minute long audio track and also a short film that is included as an .mov file. Abbott and Yoshikawa are both no strangers to these pages, being attendees of the Prevost Weekly Workshop and regular performers in London. The recording included here was captured live at a gig at Café Oto back in April of last year, a concert I attended, enjoyed a lot and wrote about here. Reading back over my review of the gig in question, and then listening to the music here its hard to relate the particular events and moments I write about to the sounds presented on the disc. I wrote about contact mics taped to plimsolls, and a digital watch suddenly going off. Although it is easy to pick out these moments in the music, I wouldn’t have guessed their precise character if I hadn’t seen the concert. Separated from the visual side of things the music of these two engaging musicians to watch has to stand up on its own, but I really think it does. I released a CD involving Abbott last year myself, and while I do think his music makes a lot more sense if you are able to relate it to the visual spectacle it is still effective without.

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