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Monday 4th January

January 5, 2010

I must admit to being very unsure about this record before I ever listened to it. Musik – Ein portrait in Sehnsucht is a recent release on Erstwhile by Burkhard Stangl and Kai Fagaschinski. The reason for my uncertainty is based upon recent Erstwhile CDs that these two have appeared on separately, both of which focussed on the combination of improvised, abstract forms with pop music, In Fagaschinski’s case the Magic I.D release, and Stangl the live Schnee disc. The recent NeuSchnee album from 2009 is actually the first Erstwhile release I have not even bothered to purchase in ten years, simply because, having read descriptions of it I have a good idea it won’t be one I would enjoy. I feared the same might be the case for this Fagaschinski/Stangl release, but reading up on it it did not seem to contain singing and included a number of field recordings, so I picked up a copy.

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