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Saturday 13th February

February 14, 2010

Tonight I have been listening to the second disc in the Unfathomless series of releases, a CD named tactile.surface by the duo of Luigi Turra and Christopher McFall. The music here sits neatly and tidily into that category of music that doesn’t really have a name yet (I hope it stays that way) but involves the use of site-specific field recordings reworked or merely layered in post-production to create music at one both linked to and completely removed from its original context. The music here was recorded by Turra in Schio, Northern Italy, where he set about capturing the sounds of his living room and windows, and in Kansas City and its surroundings by McFall. Presumably then the music was sculpted together into the final product we have here by one or both of the musicians by combining the two sets of sounds into one.

The first thing that strikes me about this release is the title. (Apart from the annoying use of the full-stop between the two words, why do so many releases do that these days?) Tactile and surface are two words that fit this music very well. What is very nice about the release is the beautiful sensations that make up the surface qualities of the music. It is full of carefully captured and presented textures, finely detailed recordings of room tones, things falling to the floor, unidentifiable mechanical whirrings etc, none of which are easily attributable to anything specific, but all fit within the set of sounds we might expect to hear in this kind of music. So, like the surface beauty to be found in old weathered advertising hoardings or decaying, decrepit old buildings there is much to enjoy in these sounds.

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