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Sunday 28th March

March 28, 2010

Tonight I will try and get a decent review done then. The album in question is one of those that was sent to me without me knowing anything about the musician or recording in question at all, and I found myself doing something I rarely do, reading the disc’s press release after the first spin to try and work out what it was I was hearing.
The reason for my confusion comes mainly from the titles of the work. The disc, released on Gregory Buttner’s 1000Füssler label is credted to Evapori, and is titled Rehearsals for Objects. The three tracks then, in turn are named Rehearsal I, Interlude and Rehearsal II, with a compositional credit given to Oliver Peters. Given this information one might expect these recordings to have been made during the practice sessions by an ensemble of some kind for a concert performance. Listening to the music however, this is not the case. The three tracks are put together by Peters on a computer, using recordings made of unidentified objects “mostly of an everyday nature” that have not been treated or processed at all by the computer, only edited and arranged. The sounds we hear are not so much field recordings as small percussive, shuffling and scraping sounds captured, one presumes with closely placed microphones. So what the music could be considered to be a rehearsal for, or why the centre track might be an interlude remains unclear, but the resulting music is pretty good.

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