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Monday 18th January

January 19, 2010

Anyway this new solo CD from Aubrey is a release on Ben Owen’s excellent Brooklyn based Windsmeasure label, an album with the title s6t8r, which refers to the Stralau 68 music venue in Berlin where Aubrey collected the sounds used to make this album. The Stralau venue was the site of many experimental and improv concerts, several of which have appeared on CDs, but is now closed and stands empty. Aubrey recorded the sounds of the various rooms in the empty building, which serve as a resonating vessel for external noises, many of which come from a nearby railway line. There have been a number of CD releases in recent years that seem to use this technique. One that really caught my ear last year but somehow I never got around to reviewing (I’ll try and put this right soon) was Jez riley French’s excellent Audible Silence release. s6t8r works in a similar way to French’s disc in that it is constructed using sounds taken from empty rooms, water pipes, vibrating surfaces etc… While Audible Silence’s approach was somewhat minimal in style though, allowing sounds just to be themselves for much of the time, Aubrey has utilised a fair degree of editing and collage techniques to make the three tracks here. The end results are still very good indeed however.

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