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Tuesday 29th December

December 29, 2009

The CDr I picked out was another new release on Glasgow’s Iorram label, an imprint I really like, who have put out a handful of nice releases covering the small but healthy Scottish improv scene. This disc I have been playing today though, titled Thickly Grown and by a trio named Helhesten manages to surprise and underline my prejudices at the same time by not sounding at all like a release I would expect from this label. Helhesten are Hannah Ellul, (clarinet) Ben Knight, (voice, piano, tapes) and Greg Thomas (zither, viola, guitar). I have not come across the music of any of them before and will probably annoy them a lot by saying that there might well be a particular genre into which their music should be pigeonholed (free folk, psychadelic improv? who knows or cares?) but quite frankly I suspect I am not the best informed person to be trying to pin any categories onto this music.

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