CD Reviews

Wednesday 30th December

December 31, 2009

What makes The Cat from Cat Hill such a pleasure for me personally though is in the subtlety of the sounds chosen. This is a difficult thing to describe in a way that makes sense to anyone but myself. Generally speaking, each musician contributes one sound at a time, which they let slip in and out of proceedings at a slow, slow pace. So Hughes will let an eBowed zither note hang in the air, as Farmer rubs dry twigs against a contact mic and Jones will later introduce a gentle feedback hum, but each of these sounds will be very carefully picked out as being the ideal fit for those around it. So we don’t just hear a musician add a whine or a series of scrapes, we hear them carefully craft them to either blend perfectly, or on occasion dramatically alter the sounds already there

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Concert Reviews

Sunday 29th November

November 29, 2009

So I spent yesterday evening in Bristol, without an umbrella, which means I got extremely wet on more than one occasion. If they didn’t hide the concert venue in the most unfindable of places then I might not have spent the concert sat in an unpleasantly moist puddle, but hey ho, this is England. A […]

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