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Tuesday 28th July

July 28, 2009

Today wasn’t much fun, a depressing, exhausting experience from start to finish. If anyone has this weekend’s winning lottery numbers could you let me know them, so I can (for the first time) have a go and win a few million so I don’t have to put up with days like today? Thanks. Well somehow […]

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Sunday 10th May

May 10, 2009

There is a kind of ongoing joke between myself and Lee Patterson along the lines of no matter which city in the UK I go to to attend a concert I invariably find him when I arrive stood just outside the venue with a cigarette in hand. Today I wandered around the Serpentine Gallery in […]

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Concert Reviews

The long (not very) winding road

May 26, 2008

Yesterday, just for a change I went into London and attended the Tate Modern. Getting there early I took my usual stroll around my favourite haunts (For anyone that has visited in recent weeks and wondered where two of the Rotho Seagram paintings had gone to, I don’t know either, but rest assured they are […]

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