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Friday 12th March

March 12, 2010

Well that’s work over for nearly three weeks. Absolutely exhausted tonight but so glad to get to rest a little now. I had half intended to make the trip across to Reading tonight to catch the Butcher / Lash / Russell trio play, but I ended up leaving work far later than expected having said goodbye to every man and his dog three times over, and then being just too tired to rush there at the speed that would have been required to make it. A big sorry to the musicians. Tomorrow I will be in London at the most recent installment of the Interlace series of concerts however, way over at Goldsmiths Great Hall. Say hi if you are there.

Tonight I have been listening to another CD that has been here a few weeks, a duo album by Toshiya Tsunoda and Michael Graeve released on Tsunoda’s Edition. T label in a joint venture with a label apparently called Meglomania, micromania, which could be Graeve’s own imprint. Like the majority of Tsunoda’s more recent work, this release combines an acute understanding of the properties of sound with a conceptual musical structure. The methods used, and compositional approach taken to put this music together is somewhat complicated, and unhelpfully the liner notes are only written on the face of the disc itself, making consideration of them while the music plays impossible unless you go here and read them on the screen. The release has a minimal amount of packaging, but I still suspect that the notes’ placement on the disc isn’t an accident.

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