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A deluge of Tim Blechmann

October 8, 2012

Tim Blechmann, Manuel Knapp – ivvvi Tim Blechmann – Honne Tim Blechmann – Sine Tempore Free Downloads Moka Bar The last couple of weeks have seen three new releases on Tim Blechmann’s Moka Bar netlabel, two of which are solos by Blechmann, and the other, which in itself is a set of three pieces again, […]

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CD Reviews

Tuesday 17th November

November 17, 2009

So new CDs are piling up unplayed here again, five more arrived this morning, Brian Olewnick is reviewing things before me and Simon Reynell has heard things before I do. I must be slipping 😉 So what do I decide to do today to try and alleviate this situation? I choose to listen to and […]

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