CD Reviews

Monday 1st March

March 2, 2010

The CD in question is a lovely little disc of improv called Le Terrier by the French trio of Michel Doneda (saxes) Olivier Toulemonde (amplified objects) and Nicolas Desmarchelier (acoustic guitar). The CD is released on the Monotype label wrapped in a very nicely designed sleeve. Le Terrier translates as The Burrow which doesn’t really help say anything much about the music, which is a tightly woven, finely meshed display of what sounds like entirely acoustic sound. Though Toulemonde’s objects are listed as amplified they don’t sound like it here. While in places the music is of the itchy, scratchy, crunchy variety, little flurries of small, busy sounds blending into one another, the use of mostly dry, whispery textures from all three musicians gives the music a soft feel, with everything feeling like it all works together perfectly.

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