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Wednesday 3rd February

February 4, 2010

Yes, the inclusion of voices, particularly on free improv recordings always makes me check very slightly before putting a CD into the player, butof course it depends on how they are used. Streetlevel actually makes good use of them in some places, though one track in particular reminded me why I have a problem with them in general.I don’t know the music of Peter Nicholson (or at least I don’t think I do) but Raymond MacDonald’s sax has appeared on several Iorram releases so far. He plays in a very expressive, almost post-Evan Parker style, gentle and subtle but relatively active and without much in the way of extended technique. Nicholson’s cello work is very nice on the six tracks here (or at least the ones he plays cello on) The opening Esmond is a good way to start the album, Nicholson generally taking a back seat, working with dry sounding bowed sounds and little stabs of colour here and there. MacDonald drifts from hushed longer tones into busier talkative passages, but always very much in tune with Nicholson’s purring strings. Nice stuff, very much from the older school of improvisation but very well executed.

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