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Wednesday 27th January

January 27, 2010

Well amongst the many discs that arrived the other day was a collection of three releases involving the Japanese percussionist Seijiro Murayama. One of these is a duo release alongside Eric La Casa on the Hibari label, but the other two are both solos. Murayama has released what feels like an awful lot of music over the last twelve months or so, and perhaps we should be asking if it maybe a bit too much, but then perhaps also he has had a purple creative patch, and so the timing is right for a number of releases to capture his work. certainly I have enjoyed the music I heard recently from him. Tonight though I listened to one of the solos, a CDr named 4 pieces with a snare drum recorded in March of last year and released on the Petit label, a new one on me, though they appear to have a good number of releases out there previous to this one. Checking out their nicely designed website suggests maybe more of a jazz lean to previous releases, and this one seems to belong to the pl son subseries, but when I’m this tired one of the first things to go is my command of French. The packaging, being mostly handmade has a wonderful smell of printing ink.

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