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Monday 28th December

December 28, 2009

Bary Chabala is a New Jersey based musician whose music I have mentioned here before. His recent versions of Michael Pisaro’s An Unrhymed Chord composition were excellent. Despite living in an American city, not far from a major metropolis, Chabala actually has found it hard to find sympathetic musicians with which to play and record in person, so several of his releases have been file-sharing collaborative works, made at a distance. The disc I have been listening to today, called The Shade & The Squint is one of these works, and is the second such recording Chabala has released with New Zealand based percussionist Lee Noyes. It would appear from the brief liner notes that the music on the two tracks here were recorded separately, blind, and then layered together. The first track, Yin (The Shade) is unedited in any way beyond the simple layering of the tracks, while the second, Yang (The Squint) is “edited by reduction”

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