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Tuesday 23rd March

March 24, 2010

The eight tracks then on Oude Koeien, which is the name of this CD released on the Herbal label are all bar one taken from vinyl releases, may of them limited editions, and mostly on the Korm label, with whom Meelkop is closely linked. The one exception is the second piece, Echt Dood which seems to have been specially recorded for this compilation. I will admit to having assumed Meelkop belonged in the vaguely post industrial area of European electronic composition that doesn’t interest me so much, so I came to this set with little expectation but open ears. It is then something of a mixed bag, but there are some nice tracks in here. The opening Erstes stück im alten stil is one of them, a ten minute long excursion through a series of electronically produced segments spaced apart by silences of a few seconds at a time. Plunging bassy synth scribble give way to a nice brittle crackle then deep, almost nausea inducing swells that are ended by strange, sudden crashes of synthetic sound of the kind you find by accident when messing about with your nephew’s toy synthesiser. Any one of these sounds on their own may not have been so interesting, but the way they are structured here with plenty of space and without any tendency to shift towards drones, as these things often do it all works curiously well.

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