CD Reviews

Thursday 7th November

January 7, 2010

So I spent the day indoors, wrapped up warm, clearing my inbox and listening to a few CDs. I still have plenty of Cathnor related tasks to clear up tonight as well, so will keep tonight’s review brief. The disc I have been listening to is the first from a clutch of releases sent to me by Ignaz Schick from his Berlin based Zarek label; a little three inch disc named, intriguingly Cooks and Devils and credited to Snake Figures Arkestra, who are Schick (Turntables, objects, Organ pipes, bows, electronics) and Marcel Turkowsky (modified walkmen, realia objects, memory box and tapes). There are no typos in that list of Turkowsky’s instrumentation. Any idea what realia objects are? Or a memory box for that matter?

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