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Stephen Cornford, Patrick Farmer, Jason Kahn – Bristol

October 18, 2012

Cassette and Download Pilgrim Talk Caveats first then- this cassette on the Pilgrim Talk label involves three musicians I consider to be friends, two of them very good friends. When Jason Kahn toured the UK back in February I had something to do with his tour, driving him about a bit. I also helped out […]

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CD Reviews

Wednesday 24th March

March 25, 2010

I saw the duo perform live in London a few weeks back at a launch show for this and other discs on Another Timbre and wrote about it here. This CD covers similar ground to the concert did, with Cornford working with the inside of an old piano, which he has miked up in some mysterious manner so as to produce mostly soft tonal feedback clouds and Rodgers playing more straightforward piano with objects applied so as to widen the realm of possibilities. There are three tracks here making up an album of forty-five minutes total length. the first is named Weighted. The piece starts very slowly, with just distant high pitched tones and almost undetectable scratching at piano strings leading the way. As the piece progresses so the pattern of the album emerges, with Cornford producing soft feedback swells from his piano innards that Rodgers sprinkles a combination of small tinkling interludes, percussive clatter and gently played straightforward notes into. This piece moves at a deathly slow pace, with the sounds used given all the time and space they need to be listened to lovingly, rolled around the eardrum a little before moving on. There is a definite sense of a delicate grandeur to the music, in the best sense of that word. Sounds appear at intervals and are clear statements carefully placed, and everything has a sense of weightiness to it as if everything has been thoroughly deliberated over in the moment before being added to the music. The track ends with a lovely passage where a single unwavering tones curls slowly from Cornford as Rodgers’ tiny bell-like ringing follows the straight line.

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