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Tim Blechmann, Manuel Knapp – VIII

May 15, 2013

CDr Nada I have for quite a while been a staunch supporter of the work of Tim Blechmann in these pages, and his ongoing collaborations with Manuel Knapp in particular, so it was a real pleasure to receive a further instalment of their duo work here a little while ago, a disc named VIII on […]

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A deluge of Tim Blechmann

October 8, 2012

Tim Blechmann, Manuel Knapp – ivvvi Tim Blechmann – Honne Tim Blechmann – Sine Tempore Free Downloads Moka Bar The last couple of weeks have seen three new releases on Tim Blechmann’s Moka Bar netlabel, two of which are solos by Blechmann, and the other, which in itself is a set of three pieces again, […]

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