CD Reviews

Sunday 2nd August

August 3, 2009

Tonight I went to Oxford for a meal (Mongolian) with Julie, and so my listening in the car was mainly Spandau Ballet and A-ha, but this afternoon, once I had stopped working my way through assorted string quartets I listened to a couple more CDs from the Creative Sources pile, and then span them again […]

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Hidden Treasure

August 30, 2007

Takefumi Naoshima, Hirozumi Takeda, Utah Kawasaki, Mitsuteru Takeuchi, Toshihiro Koike, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Yasuo Totsuka – Septet This CD is not a Wandelweiser release, and its character is actually quite unlike most Wandelweiser compositions, but on the slightly dodgy premise that the music on this disc is extremely quiet I thought I’d write about it amongst […]

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